Transforming the Search

Cellaria is revolutionizing the search for a cancer cure with cell models that reflect the unique nature of patient-derived tumors. Next

Revolutionizing Cancer Models

Unlike traditional methodologies, our technology eliminates large scale cellular adaptation in culture and genetic drift — creating scalable and reproducible models to drive research efficacy. Next

Delivering Life-Saving Drugs

Models that mimic the tumor are necessary to better predict the performance of new oncology drugs. Next

Personalizing Therapeutics

We drive innovation to uncover the most effective treatment for each patient’s unique condition.
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Not sure which cancer cell media is right for your project?

Cancer Cell Media Comparison Chart

Compare the characteristics and attributes of Renaissance Essential Tumor Medium and our WIT Media to determine which one is right for your research project.


Looking for Stem Cell Culture Products?

Stem Cell Culture Products

Cellaria now offers NutriStem® hPSC GF XF Medium, NutriStem® hPSC XF GF-Free, and CryoStemTM Freezing Medium.


Important Ordering Information for U.S. and Canada Customers

Important Ordering Information

Cellaria has partnered with BioreclamationIVT to market and distribute our novel cancer cell lines and cancer culture media in the United States and Canada. Customers located in the U.S. or Canada ordering cancer cell models and cancer cell culture media may now order through BioreclamationIVT.


Our customers use our (cell) models because they represent a diversity of the disease that has been unattainable to date. It allows drug and cancer researchers to make better decisions about which populations of patients are more likely to respond effectively to drugs that are under investigation.

David Deems, CEO

Transforming the Search for Personalized Therapies

Cellaria Cell Models

Cellaria Cell Models

Cellaria’s in vitro cancer cell models are derived directly from patient tumors to reflect the unique nature and complexity of each patient’s disease.

Our models are traceable back to initial patient tumor and clinical conditions, simplifying the analysis of patient-specific responses.

Cellaria Cell Models

Cellaria Media

Our Renaissance Essential Tumor MediumTM utilizes a simple, feeder-free protocol for multiple solid tumor types including breast, lung, colon, and ovarian. Our WIT Culture Media are optimized for the expansion of normal human mammary epithelial cells and are completely defined and serum-free.

Cellaria Cell Models

Control Products

Our RNA controls are derived from tumors that are relevant to your assay, while our DNA controls mirror the mutations that are measured in your assay.

Custom Services

Cancer Cell Model Development and Stem Cell Services

With Cellaria you have a dedicated, innovative partner in cancer and stem cell research. Draw on our deep industry expertise and patient-specific cancer and iPS cell models to seek out answers to critical questions and gain a technological edge.

From custom cancer cell model development to next-generation stem cell cell services, we provide highly specialized single source solutions to support your progress—every step of the way.

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