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Cellaria is a scientific innovator that is revolutionizing cancer research, patient testing, and treatment development. For scientists and researchers both in academia and industry, our new patient-specific disease models represent a true breakthrough to their important work. Now, they are empowered to move away from outdated testing models that do not reflect the complex, individualized nature of cancer and embrace a more effective and informative approach.

Recognizing that every patient’s cancer is unique, our team uses a lens that highlights the differences in disease progression and treatment modalities. Ultimately, our mission is to characterize the disease models to identify treatments that better meet the needs of each patient.

Our company began in 2013 with technology that was licensed from The Whitehead Institute of Biomedical Research (Cambridge, MA) and Brigham and Women’s Hospital (Boston, MA), and with novel intellectual property created through Cellaria’s Research and Development. We expanded upon this intellectual property to identify disruptive ways to develop new in vitro and 3-D Models that are more directly linked to the patient’s disease state. Today, Cellaria’s capabilities also include defining and monitoring a collection of clinically relevant characteristics for each clinical disease category. This collection gives us deeper insight into the characteristics of the model and provides information about the stability and utility of the model over time.

As we look to the future, Cellaria is committed to driving improvements in cell models and culture techniques. Our goal is to revolutionize the investigation of the underlying mechanisms of disease, response to treatment, and accelerate the search for more personalized therapies.

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