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Cellaria announces the release of novel ovarian and breast models.

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Nov. 15, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Cellaria, LLC, a scientific innovator that develops revolutionary new cancer models for challenging tumors, today announced the release of two new ovarian cancer cell models and one breast cancer cell model. With these additions to its model library, Cellaria expands on its mission to provide researchers with more accurate models of the tumor, enabling more relevant and impactful research and accelerated discovery efforts.

We are excited to be a platinum sponsor of the 2016 Powering Precision Health Summit.

The Official Platinum Co-Sponsors of Powering Precision Health 2016 are Quanterix and Cellaria Biosciences. Quanterix is renowned for its ground-breaking tools in high definition diagnostics for life science research, in-vitro diagnostics, companion diagnostics, and blood screening. Cellaria Biosciences creates breakthrough oncology models that ultimately lead the research community to more personalized therapeutics, revolutionizing and accelerating the search for a cancer cure.

STAT Article: Building Tumors in the Lab

In this era of personalized medicine, oncologists want as much information as they can get about the genetic makeup of a patient’s tumor. A number of companies, including Kendall Square startup

Cellaria Bio, are trying to grow tumor models in the lab.

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