Genotyping and Mutation Detection Services

Agena MassARRAY®

Using Agena’s MassARRAY® technology, our custom services team will work with you to optimize custom assays for a defined set of Single Nucleotide Variants (SNVs) in a multiplexed format. This technology allows you to reduce cost and increase throughput time.  Submit your samples for genotyping or mutation analysis to identify the specific SNVs, mutations, insertions or deletions of interest, and our scientists will do the rest.  The absence of fluorescence allows for turnaround times as low as 48 hours to start screening.

Our Technological Edge

  • Requires a very small amount of DNA input ~10 nanograms per well.
  • High throughput screening that can batch up to 94 samples at a time in a 96 well plate format (1 well for our DNA QC and 1 blank) with no dependence on fluorescence
  • Works well with degraded samples and samples that have been formalin-fixed, and paraffin embedded.
  • Sensitivity for mutation detection of 10-20%, with the ability to go lower (experiment/request dependent)
  • Large datasets can be generated quickly with multiplexed assays – 40 tests per well for Genotyping, 10-20 tests per well for Mutation Detection.

Our Agena MassARRAY® Capabilities

The MassARRAY® System enables molecular biology labs to perform high-quality assays for single nucleotide variations/polymorphisms (SNVs), insertions, deletions (indels), and copy number variation (CNV) with high sensitivity, low cost and fast turnaround as compared to other technologies. With this system, Cellaria provides data enhanced cell model offerings by generating SNV and mutation information, including allelic frequency, on every lot of cells. Does your cell line’s mutation frequency change over time? You can now afford to find out.

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Cancer & Custom Panels

Cellaria offers Agena Bioscience’s oncology panels (Colon, Lung, OncoFOCUS™) to provide a rapid and highly discriminatory tool to aid translational and clinical research studies. Agena’s powerful UltraSEEK chemistry allows detection of low abundance somatic mutations, even in challenging or degraded sample types such as needle aspirates and formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissue.  Alongside these pre-set panels, Cellaria has the expertise required to create custom panels based on your project-specific needs. By doing so, we can ensure high-quality genotyping data even for challenging samples that may fail on other platforms with more restrictive sample requirements. Convert your critical specimens into larger, more meaningful data sets with Cellaria.

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