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Renaissance Essential Tumor Medium™

Primary tumor cell culture media that may also be used for deriving and maintaining cell lines from patient samples. This product supports the in-vitro derivation and growth of multiple cancer types including breast, colon, lung, and ovarian.

Disease Area: Cancer

Tissue Type: Breast, Colon, Lung, Ovary

Storage and Stability

Store basal media at 4°C. Store supplement at -20°C. Media and supplement are stable for a minimum of 3 months from date of receipt, when stored as directed.

Quality Control

Renaissance Essential Tumor Medium is tested for the ability to support proliferation and morphology during culture of a primary human cancer cell line over three continuous passages. Proliferation ability is measured as both cumulative population doublings and stability of growth rate. Product sterility is confirmed by negative test results for microbial contaminants including bacteria, fungi, and mycoplasma.

Download Renaissance For Use Instructions

General Guidelines

Due to the variation in biology and quality of each tumor specimen, optimization of culture conditions is required for each new sample. These guidelines describe how to optimize the Renaissance Essential Tumor cell culture system for the derivation of cell lines from human tissue samples.

For additional support in the derivation of cell lines from primary human tumors using Renaissance Essential Tumor Medium, contact Cellaria Biosciences to learn about the training courses they provide (617-981-4208).

1. Use 0.4 mL of Renaissance™ Essential Tumor Medium per cm 2 culture surface area.

Note: Limiting the culture medium volume will negatively impact culture health.

2. Test cell attachment on different culture surfaces for each new specimen.

Note: We have found Corning® Primaria™ tissue culture vessels promote better cell line derivation than standard tissue culture treated culture vessels in some of our tumor cells, due to improved attachment and/or migration.

3. Use medium color as an indicator to determine when to change the medium. Replace the medium when it becomes orange to orange-yellow in order to replenish nutrients and maintain pH.

4. Inhibiting Fibroblast Overgrowth. Varying the concentration of heat-inactivated fetal bovine serum in the Renaissance™ Essential Tumor Medium will inhibit fibroblast overgrowth.

Begin new cultures with a minimal amount of heat-inactivated FBS (1-5%). Once the cultures appear free of fibroblastic growth, test varying levels of FBS (1-10%) to further promote the growth and expansion of the cancer cells.

5. Test new specimens for growth in both atmospheric oxygen (approximately 20% O2) and hypoxic (2-5% O2) conditions if available.

To make RETM Complete Medium please combine the following:

  • 500 mL RETM Basal Medium
  • 15 mL RETM Supplement (15 mL, thawed briefly in a 37oC water bath)
  • 125 uL Cholera Toxin (100 ug/mL stock solution in cell culture grade water)
  • Recommended product: EMD Millipore catalog number 227036-1MG 5-25 mL (1-5%) heat-inactivated fetal bovine serum (see General Guidelines) Recommended product: Hyclone catalog number SH3007103HI
  • Pen-strep or other antibiotics as desired


Additional Characteristics:


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