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Over the past 20 years, cancer research has shed new light on the diversity, individuality, and complexity of the disease.

This discovery has accelerated the need for a new type of cancer model, one that allows researchers to gain more actionable insights and develop therapeutics that more closely align with the unique needs of patients.

Cellaria has answered the call by developing breakthrough cell models  and media that empower scientists to conduct research more accurately, efficiently, and intelligently.

Our informative cell models allow researchers to better understand the patient-specific nature of cancer with higher genomic and phenotypic fidelity to the tumor.

Each of our models is derived directly from patient tumors, without any genetic manipulation, and provides the fidelity of primary cells with long-term reproducibility and scalability. Backed by extensive clinical and characterization data, our cell models are fully consented, fully documented, and subject to comprehensive quality control.

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We offer cancer cell culture media and stem cell culture media:


  • Renaissance Essential Tumor MediumTM: Fosters the development of representative tumor models. Specifically formulated for extended in vitro propagation, it utilizes a simple, feeder-free protocol for multiple solid tumor types, including breast, lung, colon, and ovarian.
  • WIT Media:  Designed to optimize the expansion of normal human mammary epithelial cells and human fallopian tissue. Completely defined and serum-free, WIT media supports expansion over 20 population doublings—without the growth arrest seen in other normal primary culture media.

WATCH A VIDEO on Cellaria’s Cancer Cell Culture Media.

Cellaria is launching innovative new control products than can elevate the quality of your research and facilitate the proficiency testing for your gene expression assays.

Our products include RNA controls that are derived from tumors that are uniquely relevant for your assay, as well as DNA controls that mirror the mutations that are measured in your assay.

The big advantage to researchers? Now when they have a tumor sample that doesn’t pass their assay criteria, they have the controls that highlight the variability in their process and prevent rejects.

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