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Raphael Ovarian Cell Models

Carousel Ovarian Cell Model (Endometrioid adenocarcinoma of the ovary)

Powder Ovarian Cell Model (Serous carcinoma of the ovary)

Recommended Additional Supplies- Applies to ALL CELL MODELS

Recommended Additional Supplies for All Cell Models

Product Documentation – Cancer Cell Culture Media

Cellaria Cancer Cell Culture Media Comparison Chart

Cellaria Cancer Cell Culture Media Comparison Chart

Product Documentation –  Stem Cell Culture Media

Product Documentation –  Additional Cell Culture Products

Bio-Pure HSA


White Papers and Articles

April 2017: NPR Article: Drugs That Work In Mice Often Fail When Tried In People

Most potential new drugs fail when they’re tested in people. These failures are not only a major disappointment, they sharply drive up the cost of developing new drugs. A major reason for these failures is that most new drugs… Read more » 

June 2015Characterization of twenty-five ovarian tumour cell lines that phenocopy primary tumours

This paper discusses results achieved with WIT-OC (OCMI), a precursor media to Renaissance Essential Tumor Medium. Currently available human tumour cell line panels consist of a small number of lines in each lineage that generally fail to retain the phenotype of the original patient tumour. Here we develop a cell culture medium that enables us… Read more »

June 2015Reproducibility: Changing the Policies and Culture of Cell line Authentication

Quality control of cell lines used in biomedical research is essential to ensure reproducibility. Although cell line authentication has been widely recommended for many years, misidentification, including cross contamination, remains a serious problem. We outline a multi-stakeholder, incremental approach and policy-related recommendations to facilitate change in the culture of cell line authentication… Read more »


October 2014The Dirty Little Secret of Cancer Research

Across different fields of cancer research, up to a third of all cell lines have been identified as impostors. Yet this fact is widely ignored, and the lines continue to be used under their false identities… Read More


June 2010Cell line Misidentification: The Beginning of the End

A substantial proportion of cell lines is mislabeled or replaced by cells derived from a different individual, tissue or species. The scientific community has failed to tackle this problem and consequently thousands of misleading and potentially erroneous papers have been published using cell lines that are incorrectly identified. Recent efforts to develop a standard for… Read more »

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